Monday, August 30, 2004


IRC Logs - August 30h

aaime Hi
jgarnett Made it through the geoapi meeting this morning. I am getting so confused with the different specifications these days.
rschulz Torey, a TransformData demo is now in svn. See
jgarnett That is right - Hi Torey - did you figure out what you needed last week?
rschulz Jody, (about my question to the devel list) is there an easy way to get a path to the users home directory ($HOME) in java?
jgarnett oh yeah
jgarnett You can check the system properties.
jgarnett "user.dir" I think.
rschulz ok, I will look into system properties tonight
jgarnett Well shall we start?
jgarnett I am not sure if we expect james - he is off in the uk.
jgarnett 1) polio gets to describe how he made the worst test case ever (tm) :-)
jgarnett 2) wms update (from me because kafka is not here)
rschulz 2) GCE api - parameter usage
rschulz or 3)
rschulz 4) quick datastore question (from wiki)
rschulz 5) wiki "articles" page
jgarnett Cool lets go!
IanT_ James is probably still on the road as he didn't leave my house until 3ish
polio well, um the test case just isn't thread safe ... as in it doest kill the child thread on all errors. Guess it's a bug I should fix ... Jody, want to describe it in a bug report?
jgarnett I am not sure I know enough to describe the bug - it managed to hang the build system over the weekend.
aaime Ah, that's what prevented the build of the main module...
jgarnett Yep.
jgarnett It seems to be fixed now - is that the case?
polio had a null pointer hidden deep inside ... the error showed in two test case groupings ... wasn't actually a thread error exactly, just that the child didn't get stopped
jgarnett Hrm you can find some JUnit extentions that a geared towards testing threading issues (are willing to kill a stalled threadgroup etc...)
jgarnett I will look in another window - as the meeting goes on.
jgarnett (
polio sounds like we have a volunteer :)
jgarnett Yep - I can comment out that test for you :-P
polio it passes again atm ... though i had it running friday (appologies to everyone on the weekend)
jgarnett 2) wms update
jgarnett WMS has gotten an update - richard is away so I am just passing on the news.
jgarnett Opperates as a client against several WMS specifications (and does the version notification etc...).
jgarnett I can't say much more - since it is not my code :-)
jgarnett 3) GCE api - parameter usage
rschulz see the email I fowarded to the devel list firday (using arcGrid gce)
Torey rschulz: cool - I got my demo working.. I have geoserver and deegree communicating with each other (sorry, don't mean to interrupt)
rschulz GCE returns an OperationParameter when you ask for parameters
rschulz It requires ParameterValueGroup[] when you read (if I remember correctly)
rschulz The referencing implementation instead returns a ParameterValueGroup when the user asks for the parameters
rschulz Saves the user from having to make parameterValues from the OperationParameters
rschulz Comments?
jeichar GeneralParameterValue[] is required is required, not group
jeichar .
rschulz So, I did not remember correctly
jeichar It would be nice to have a createValues() method as part of the Format so you get a set of default values
jeichar right now you have to create a array of GeneralParameterValues from the array of GeneralOperationParameter objects returned by the Format object
rschulz Or the getReadParameters() return value could be changed
jeichar A possibility but the getReadParameters were intended to just provide the description, the entire Format object is just supposed to be a descriptor
jeichar It is easy enough to obtain the descriptors from the values, but it makes more sense to me to obtain the descriptors and create values from them rather than the other way around
jgarnett Darn I need a picture.
rschulz ok, I do not know much about gce, I just wanted to bring the issue up
jeichar Summary: Format object describes a GridCoverageReader/Writer pair. GeneralOperationParameter describes the parameters the reader/writer takes. ParameterValues are the actual objects that are fed to the reader/writers.
rschulz what about the GCReader returning a ParameterValueGroup?
jeichar Format returns a array of GeneralOperationParameters. each GeneralOperationParameter has a createValue() method which returns the default ParameterValue object
jgarnett ( for those following along at home)
jeichar Rueben: Can do. How much easier would it make it? I guess as a programmer who knows what parameters there are it would speed things up for them. Less searching through the array. for a parameter to set.
jgarnett A couple of questions: Why do we have the extra level of indirection?
jeichar WHich one? the GeneralOperationParameters?
jgarnett What is GeneralParameterValue doing -
jgarnett why can't we just have an object?
rschulz Jody, these are the geoapi parameter interfaces
jeichar The GeneralOperationParameters describe things such as max and min values. Legal values if it is a Enumeration
jeichar And yes they are the GEOAPI interfaces
jgarnett And then ParameterValue holds the values.
jeichar Correct
rschulz General* is a superinterface for ParameterValue and ParameterValueGroup
rschulz If we are lucky, OperationParameter will be renamed ParameterDescriptor
jeichar It would make things more readable
jgarnett Okay I finally see the the point - the getUnit() , and getDescriptor()
rschulz For comparison, the referencing package has OperationParameters in a Provider inner class
jgarnett Other than that we have a bunch of helper methods...
rschulz when a user asks for parameters for a transform, a set of default parameterValues (Group actually) is created from the OperationParameters and returned
jgarnett And then they kind of fill in the blanks.
rschulz This saves the user a bit of work - they can get the OperationParameter from the ParameterValues if they need them
rschulz Jody, yes
jgarnett Do your users ever have to make these things up themselves?
jeichar No. Format returns a set of GeneralOperationParameters. Each of which have a createValue() method which creates some default values.
jeichar or rather an array of GeneralOperationParameters
jgarnett So if we returned a single OpperationParameterGroup life woudl be easier?
rschulz Also, the createTransform() methods take ParameterValueGroup instead of GeneralParameterValue[] like the method
rschulz Returning a single ParameterValueGroup may make life easier - OperationParameter then hidden from user
jgarnett Okay I think we are getting somewhere - thanks for the help rueben
rschulz no problem - of course input from gce experts would be required before any changes
rschulz it would also be nice to get some input from Martin about parameter usage once he is back
jgarnett So we should change GCEReader to take a ParameterValueGroup; and the Format can return a OpperationParameterGroup that they can call createValue() on to start off the process.
jgarnett Part of the fun is, we are on a deadline - so I am thinking of making the changes and asking forgiveness later :-P
jgarnett Not that I know how to release a new geoapi snapshot.
rschulz I think gce interfaces are still in geotools
jeichar yes they are
jgarnett They are kind of a mirror twin of each other - we can't cut over to geoapi until you and marting tell use CRS are up to snuff.
jgarnett Well I think we had enough fun with that topic
jgarnett 4) datastore question from wiki?
rschulz A user asked (CTS tutorial comment) if the dataStores are making use of CRS's
rschulz I remember this being discussed a while ago
jgarnett They are supposed to - but right now they all return null.
jgarnett We don't have a CRS factory in main for them to make use of.
jgarnett I have considered placing the refactoring package (and associated 800k property file) in module/crs
jgarnett so that datastores with no natural crs factory can make use of it.
jgarnett What do you think?
rschulz I do not know much about this.
jgarnett Okay the answer is: null :-)
rschulz for shapefile, the .proj file should be wkt (if it exists)
jgarnett Although they do often return the correct JTS SRID
jgarnett which could be used to lookup the correct thing. All though GeoServer just writes this number out.
aaime Sorry, what's that refactoring package?
jgarnett bleck
jgarnett I ment the ext/reprojection package
aaime Ah
rschulz wheren't the DataStores going to store the CS object (not just a srid int)
aaime That's the plan, but not the reality now
jgarnett Yes - GeometryAttributeType has a getCRS() method
jgarnett it is just that nobody uses it to return anything other than null
rschulz ok, I will let the user know that this is nok yet implemented
jgarnett If you can parse that .prj file feel free to do the right thing.
aaime 800kb property file... zipped? Does it contains an equivalent of the EPSG database (part of it I suppose).
rschulz we still have some work to do some work on parsing esri wkt strings
jgarnett Something will happen with respect to in october - I need reprojection by then.
rschulz fortunately not too much work :)
IanT_ Should they not return an url pointing to the correct epsg code?
jgarnett It contains the wkt representation from postgis
aaime Ah
jgarnett Once again rueben is there anything we can do to help that process along? We can take you out for a drink when we come to town for OOPSLA :-)
jgarnett IanT: I was hoping they would have the real CRS object.
rschulz OOPSLA ??
rschulz Jody, no - we need to wait for Martin to get back
IanT_ posibly - the gml datastore will have to know how to convert the uri to crs object then
jgarnett Object Orient Programming conference - we actually have some poster space at an IBM function to showcase UDIG, GEOTOOLS etc...
rschulz cool
jgarnett Poor martin - he is on critical path for geoapi as well.
IanT_ where's OOPSLA?
jgarnett Vancouver this year.
jgarnett (fraid I side tracked the meeting ...)
IanT_ BTW anyone going to OCG Chicago meeting?
jgarnett It would be great if someone could talk to our geoapi friends there.
IanT_ well I'll be there is yo uneed anything specific brought up
jgarnett I think it would be nice if one of actually just met them.
jgarnett 5) wiki articles page
jgarnett ++good
rschulz the articles page is an orphan - any plans for it?
jgarnett I hacked the wiki hard over the weekend. Dragged some good documentation over from the UDIG space (following the WMS, WFS implementations).
jgarnett Can we use it?
rschulz it links to useful pages (demo code)
rschulz it pages could become children of others, or it could be put onto the navigation links
rschulz also, there are no direct links to the how to's anymore
jgarnett I think it may be fun to have an articles section - people could post some articles about there projects and so on.
jgarnett Ah
jgarnett I had to change all that yesterday.
jgarnett look at
rschulz right now articles are documents that are not tutorial or howto's
jgarnett When you navigated away from the main home page you would end up getting: Home | Home | How to
rschulz Jody, very nice - it is almost "finished"
jgarnett by removing the parent link I fixed it to be Home | How to
jgarnett I also had to put an {include}quicklinks{include} at the bottom of the page(s) to make the normal wiki useful.
jgarnett For real fun click on "Search"
jgarnett And the Reference page has a nice Index now
rschulz nice
jgarnett Site Layout needs to be renamed (it is real a guide to orphaned geotools websites)
rschulz note that the quicklinks are too small to read in firefox
jgarnett We can increase the header size
jgarnett it started wrapping at home on the tv :-)
polio you rally might want to bring you monitor back home ;)
polio *really
rschulz I was originally thinking that sitelayout would have a hiarchy of all the wiki pages, besides its currect content
jgarnett Is that better the quicklinks
rschulz I do not know how to do this though
rschulz reload - yes
jgarnett check out the seach link
jgarnett (and type WMS for example)
jgarnett The directory view is also interesting:
rschulz yes, I played with these yesterday (we have alot of "coordinate system" pages)
jgarnett So rueben what else would you like to see for this website?
rschulz not too much else
jgarnett I have to hunt down all the pages that include a "-"
jgarnett the wrapper trips on them.
jgarnett Also can't use the blog links
rschulz irc stuff can be removed from the home page (see irc logs page)
jgarnett I am not too sure - I like the IRC logs there (shows the community is alive)
jgarnett similarly for the blog posts as news items.
rschulz Quicklinks needs to inclued articles - and need to make sure all pages are easily accessable
rschulz I was thinking to leave the news blogs on the home page (they would show we are active)
jgarnett Still have to remember to make the normal wiki useful - rather than just
rschulz yes, the quicklinks at the bottom is good for that
jgarnett that is - don't depend on quicklinks or navigation to make the site work.
IanT_ looks good to me
jgarnett If I could draw your attention to:
rschulz jody, hard to make geotools.cod... pretty at the same time
jgarnett This page includes WMS
jgarnett which has children elements for all the different WMS specs.
jgarnett This is the approach I want to use to make Reference scaleable.
rschulz nice, can you clarify this in the wiki documantiation page
jgarnett I can try :-)
rschulz also, what happened to the "links" page
jgarnett If you look at
jgarnett you can see that it contains a cut & paste example of a new child page.
jgarnett Removed all the information was duplicated already.
rschulz ok
rschulz the wiki doc page talks a bit about using childeren for references
jgarnett Since then the upgrade to confluence has made it more useful.
jgarnett See
jgarnett for an example of the use of {excerpt}
rschulz Jody, release changed to releases and downloads
jgarnett captures the {excerpt}created on ....{excerpt} message from the child page.
rschulz I was wondering how you did that
jgarnett [some random text|some randome page#location on that page]
jgarnett Added Index to the quicklinks
jgarnett Um for that Release and Downloads page - you set home as the parent - that is messing up your navigation bar.
jgarnett Maybe there is a script update we could get? That woudl fix that bug, and give us the ability to follow links to the blog pages?
jgarnett May be worth linking directory to 2.0.x and 2.1.x somewhere on the Home page
rschulz could have currect release and snapshot on the navigation bar
jgarnett They are both "current" one is the stable branch, one is the development branch. But 20.x and 2.1.x is less text :-)
rschulz (I added "and downloads" so people would know where to download code. Removed other download page)
jgarnett About section seems a bit wrong.
rschulz wrong how?
jgarnett Well it is not all about geotools
jgarnett History is
jgarnett Site layout is about websites not geotools
jgarnett and seach is about this website.
jgarnett We actually don't have an About page -
rschulz what would an "about page" be about?
jgarnett This ( is as close as we come
jgarnett See the System overview.
jgarnett BTW rendering of headers always tricks me into thinking they are links.
rschulz is there a stylesheet we can change
jgarnett No idea
jgarnett or how to change the geotools logo either.
jgarnett I am slowing down - and we are finished our agenda.
jgarnett Rueben - is there anything else you actually *need* for the site before james cuts it over to being the default home page?
rschulz Jody, I meant the Geotools2 Overview for Users page as an about page for the project
jgarnett Ah
jgarnett toolate I just made
rschulz no, just a few fix-ups
rschulz (oh, and more tutorals would be nice :) )
jgarnett Well as long as we are dreaming
jgarnett a Users Guide - as opposed to the Developers Guide ...
rschulz "How to get started using Geotools2" is a bit of a users guide
jgarnett There we go - hit refresh a couple times on the home page.
jgarnett About geotools is not obviously a link :-P
jgarnett I should gather up the logs and get back to work.
rschulz no, I did not see it - try placing it in the list below the about
jgarnett Anything else?
rschulz no, I need to get back to school work
jgarnett k
rschulz (I still do not like the irc logs on the home page)
rschulz bye
jgarnett catch you later - and thanks for the demo work.

Monday, August 23, 2004


IRC Logs - August 23rd

Torey hola peeps

Torey what time does your meeting start?

IanS hi

jgarnett Now :-)

jgarnett Or did you have a question?

Torey yeah, a quick one

jgarnett We can hang for a couple on minuets, or start up an agenda.

Torey I'm still googling for an answer

jgarnett What's up...

cholmes Hi everyone!

jgarnett Hi chris

Torey I was wondering if there was a utility that'll change the projection of a shapefile (from state-plane to lat/lon) [something or trial]

jgarnett Torey here has a question, and then we are going to put together an agenda.

jgarnett I think there was a demo that did something like that.

jgarnett Alll the bits are there - but geotools is a library (not a utility).

jgarnett That said what you describe would make a good demo...

jmacgill hi all

polio heya

Torey okay

Torey cool

Torey maybe I'll go write something up real quick

Torey thanks (:

jgarnett Actually I found two things for you:

jgarnett Both in demo land.

Torey oh?

Torey cool

jgarnett TransformationConsole

Torey okay

jgarnett and ShapefileReader.

jgarnett Put those two demos together and you should have what you want. :-)

Torey okay, cool

Torey are those in geotools?

Torey or separate projects?

jgarnett They are in the demos directory

jgarnett (next to module, plugin and ext)

jmacgill ah, the demo directory

Torey okay

jmacgill there is a comment about that on the wiki from a user

Torey cool

jgarnett We were supposed to get them into the gt2eclipse program but everyone has been busy.

jmacgill saying, where is it?

jmacgill coz, if you only download and don't svn, you can't get the demos

jgarnett One more thing - ReprojectionService (in ext/reprojection) gives you the CRS information you need.

Torey okay

jgarnett Supports EPSG and AUTO - takes simple strings like "EPSG:1234"

jmacgill If martin were here, he would point out that his renderer can re-project on the fly

Torey how do I determine the EPSG?

Torey the shape files I received are in state-plane

Torey but I wasn't sure what the EPSG value for that was

jgarnett Good question :-) EPSG a number denoting a well known projection.

jgarnett the ext/reprojection package includes a properties file

Torey right

jgarnett you could search through that to try and find what you need.

Torey okay

Torey cool

Torey thanks again... I'll let you guys get back to work.. I don't want to be more of an inconvenience.. you have guided me quite well thus far (:

jgarnett (Found: 3561=PROJCS["Old_Hawaiian_StatePlane_Hawaii_1_FIPS_5101",GEOGCS[ ..... )

jgarnett looks like there is a bunch of StatePlane entries :-p

jgarnett Okay we will start up our agenda - good luck Torey.

jgarnett 1) javadoc generation

Torey alright, thanks alot (:

jgarnett 2) email vs IM cage match

jgarnett Anyone else ?

jmacgill 3) release of demos

jgarnett Okay lets start ...

jgarnett Q: How often are the modules generated?

jmacgill ok, javadocs. As Philip says they are build every day (assuming the build succseeds)

jgarnett Cool - that is great!

jmacgill just chekcing, and yes, 23 August for Main

jgarnett I just got the email ...

jmacgill the BIG pottential drawback with this that it is per module

jgarnett Well having it be current is more important.

jgarnett Do you have a script that munches them all together?

jmacgill now, this does mean that that we can point to our 'core' api

jmacgill tricky with javadoc

jmacgill but I can point them at each other

jmacgill so... seperate indexes, but they would link to each other

jgarnett It is an interesting question - I have seen both examples in the wild.

jgarnett Often there is a single javadoc and a single for something that is distributed as a number of jars.

jgarnett Your call here james, I am happy that *anything* is produced daily.

jmacgill Lets stick with what we have for now

jmacgill I'll try and get them linked together soon

jgarnett Can we remove the javadoc link from the home page - or point it towards module/main javadocs instead?

jgarnett I also noticed the javadocs still say B5-DEV :-)

jmacgill (Rebecca is a bit unwell - cold - so not much free time)

jmacgill fixing link now

jgarnett (Paul Ramsey just had his kid saturday)

jgarnett 2) Email vs IM

jgarnett This is just a nag reminder from me -

jgarnett I know a lot of communication is happening on IM these days, unfortantly it leaves the email list rather quiet.

jgarnett And it leaves the group out of a lot of the interesting work people are doing.

jgarnett Just a friendly email when you start (or finish) something can help us all work together.

cholmes Yeah, that's not so good. Didn't we use to email im conversations to the list?

jgarnett (We have had a bit of duplication of work lately).

jmacgill api link fixed

jgarnett We did - but IM has been getting rather informal - and not always suitable for email to the list (especially during shared debugging sesssions)

jgarnett I don't have a good answer for this one, just a request - let everyone know what is going on. Who knows we may even help.

jgarnett 3) release of demos

jmacgill can we perhapse boost the use of JIRA...

jmacgill i.e. when IM sessions decide on somehting - put the tasks out as JIRA comments

jgarnett That would also be good, it really helps when we make releases. This has happened before when people work out a Jira bug before.

jgarnett The wiki is also really good:

cholmes Can we get a quick update on what has been going on over IM sessions? I've obviously been off them, but am quite curious

cholmes Or you can get really fancy and link the wiki to a jira task (though then it probably becomes too much work...)

jgarnett Well I see interesting wiki pages like:


jgarnett And I feel a bit out of the loop :-P

jgarnett Here is another one:

jgarnett Some interesting ideas are happening - just not on email.

jgarnett Perhaps we should gather up people for a few more Break out IRC sessions - or with these small agendas use our weekly meeting for some design work.

jgarnett jmacgill: 3) release of demos?

jgarnett I am going to change gt2eclipse to include the demo/_modules_ right now.

jgarnett we must of lost james...

jgarnett I bet he would like to figure out how to release the demos as part of the createRelease script.

jgarnett So while we wait ... how is Brazil chris?

jgarnett I have sceen the geoserver list start to kick into action again.

cholmes Brazil is pretty amazing.

cholmes Don't quite understand your last post, screen the geoserver list?

cholmes oh, seen, I get it.

jgarnett sigh - sceen - seen

jgarnett Jeichar does the brazilian dancing thing.

jeichar capoeira. more a martial art

jgarnett We did plan to announce RC1 - james just has not gotten around to it - And I did not know where to announce.

jgarnett (If you are making the announcement can you update the Jira page with the appropriate email address or links?)

cholmes Word, I'm in Salvador de Bahia, which is about the capital of it.

cholmes Haven't really checked it out yet though.

cholmes What do you want me to do to the jira page jody? rc1 has been released on it...

jgarnett Acually Jesse we could ask if people had a good idea of how to embed a SLD into an existing xml document.

IanS capuerta?

cholmes Have we decided on moving over to the jira page yet?

cholmes whereby jira I mean confluence

cholmes the confluence page looks way better.

jeichar Capoeira. You might see people gathered around in a big circle clapping and single with 2 guys in the center spinning, kicking, jumping to the music.

jgarnett It does

jgarnett but it does not always work.

jgarnett Half the time my links show up wrong - and I have to hit refresh.

jgarnett (btw

jeichar Yeah bahia is the center alright. I'd love to go there. Hopefully in couple years.

jgarnett I like Confluence - but Codehaus seems to have a spotty install of it).

jgarnett Whenever I report a bug to Confluence they always respond that they are talking to Codehaus.

cholmes Well if you have vacation in the next 5 months you've got a place to stay, you're more than welcome to show up. My friends and I are getting a huge place so all our friends can stay as long as they like.

jgarnett Well it seems we are done for today ...

cholmes I've been having great fun lately putting together .bat and .sh files for geoserver, should have a binary type release with a built in jetty servlet container really soon. And a .exe nullsoft installer right after that.

jgarnett Nice

jgarnett I have a couple wish list features I have been wanting to do.

jgarnett I should put them on jira

cholmes Yeah, do that, my issue organization list is on my computer, still needs to be put up, what I want for 1.2.1, 1.2.2, and 1.3.0

jgarnett Okay I will do that

cholmes Just added 1.3.0, so most of yours should probably go there.

jgarnett Okay

Monday, August 16, 2004


IRC Logs - August 16th

jgarnettHi David

jgarnettApparently we are early.

jgarnettHere is some amusement:

jgarnettI have been mulling this one over as I consider the Expr trees

jgarnettDavid do we have anything on the go that we need to talk about this meeting?

jgarnettYou wanted to get svn access for that fellow that was working on wfs with you?

-->|jmacgill ( has joined #geotools

jmacgillhi all

poliohello, was afk

jgarnettHi James!

jgarnettShall we start?

jmacgillyeah, do we have much for an agenda?

jgarnettAs far as I know we only have one thing for the agenda: david had a volunteer that he would like to get svn access for.

polioI havn't heard from him in some time ... and currently munching his layout so probably best to wait a week

jgarnettMany of the usual suspects are away on holiday :-)


jgarnettI sent out a nice couple of optimization ideas yesterday; not much in the way of feedback.

jmacgillwill try to digest them soon

jgarnettBut a decent attempt at explaining the current optimizations that people are doing.

jgarnettNo hury; we won't start working on them ourselves until October.

jgarnettThe GeoAPI meeting did not happen this morning ...

jgarnettwe sent a nag email to galdos though.

jmacgillNo, I got in late :(


jgarnettI am hoping to review there proposed feature / feature canvas idea later this week over beer.

poliohave a framework for writing xml (finished it friday :) )

jgarnettWe saw that sounds good.

jgarnettWe could mention the design trade offs we made.

jgarnettThe whole schema order vs nearest schema idea.

jgarnett(but only if james is interested)

poliowell, that was left as an excerceise for the reader ;)

polioas in the option is there but not implemented

jgarnettSigh. Docs will be needed - the alternative is people sending you email.

jgarnettHow goes life with kid James?

jmacgillgreat - Rebecca is starting to interact with us more

jgarnettLet me guess the "nearest" idea is not implemented?


jmacgillnearest schema?

polioif you make a dependency graph and then give each schema a relative wright you can order the schemas


jgarnettWhen you have a schema that imports WFS, and GML. You could build a tree and notice that WFS imports GML (so WFS could be considered near)

jmacgillah, gotcha

jgarnettThe problem is when writing a FeatureCollection it is not explicit which schema needs to be used.

jgarnettWe went with import order as the tie breaker:

jgarnett1) it is under user control (so they can fix it if it is wrong)

jgarnett2) Apparently it was easy :-)

poliothere is also an option to specify (partial or complete) lists of schemas in order to search

jgarnettThe nearest idea would probably be "correct" most of the time though, but did not offer the end user a chance to fix mistakes.

polioyah did 2/3 or the options ... the easy one and the developer controler version

polioit uses a cache though so additional methods would be easy to use ... and fairly efficient

jgarnettJames - it woudl be good to release a M0 based on trunk sometime.


jgarnettI wonder if we could bribe paul to make nightly builds available for ftp download.

jgarnettHe does not quite generate them yet; but what he has done is working great.

jmacgillThat would be nice. The nightly build reports are invaluable

jgarnett(allowed us to noticed when David broke the build - for the second weekend running :-) )

jmacgillhas the trunk been purged of all deprecated stuff?

jgarnettLike DataSource?

polioyah yah ...

jgarnettI don't think so -

jgarnettI am not even sure 2.0.x has been purged yet.

jgarnettIs there anything else you want out of the 2.0.x branch?

jmacgillI can live with that (partly) but not with 2.1M0 having them

jgarnettI am fairly content at this time - it is serving its purpose as a stable branch for GeoServer. I would like to kick out the last deprecations and call it 2.0.

jmacgillI'd also like to see a 'migrating from 2.0 -> 2.1' document somewhere

jgarnettProblem is a few developers using deprecation as a todo flag :-(

jgarnettI am not aware of any major differences at this time.

jgarnettA lot of thins that would be different (like GC access) have been removed from the 2.0 ship list.

jgarnettthins = things.

jmacgillUse of raster in the spearfish demo...

jgarnettIs gone ...

-->|IanS ( has joined #geotools

jgarnett... as far as I know it is a 2.1 only option.

IanShi, sorry for lateness

jgarnettHi IanS - we don't really have much of an agenda today. Informal chat about 2.0 to 2.1 migration at the moment.

jmacgillIanS - though I would like to point you at Maven plugin for Netbeans 4.0 which is amazing

IanScool, so mevenide merged into netbeans 4.0?

jmacgillmavenide stoped developing for 3.6 and switched to the project system in 4.0 - any directory with a project.xml file IS a netbeans project, auto mounts depenancies and also understands multiprojects (i.e. mount your gt folder and all the subprojects are opened as projects)

jgarnettthat looks cool - I will have to try it's eclipse support (see if I can phase out gt2eclipse)

IanSthat is pretty slick, i kinda wondered if that would happen


jmacgilljody, there was rasters in the old spearfish demo, but it used the datasource api

jgarnettyep - so it is broken :-(

jgarnettI hope this is restored for 2.1 spearfish demo?

jgarnettrueben has been trying his best - but most demos have not recived any attention since the module merge move.

jmacgillso, raster support is imposible on the 2.0 branch? Bit of a major pain for adding rasters to geoserver

jgarnettI kind of think adding rasters will be a geoserver 1.3 addition (based on geotools 2.1)

jmacgillok, fair enough

jgarnettWe have had quite a struggle with the geoapi parameter classes - does anyone know of any good examples of there use? I have been tempted to switch DataStore over to their use (later today).

jgarnettBut I am finding the going difficult.

jmacgillI think for pure sanity it would be good to get 2.0 out the door before releasing 2.1M0

jgarnettReally? I was kind of thinking we should have 2.1M0 as our "usual" monthly release.

jgarnettThe one we have not done in a while.



jmacgillI'll rearange our freshmeat entry so that we have separte branches

jgarnettThat said, having daily builds would fufill the same need.

jgarnettCan we trim some of the SF download page entries too?

jgarnettI never did place a wider announcement of the 2.0.RC1. Or get much feedback from people. Chris seems happy though.

jmacgillno, we did not annouce fully

jmacgillwe should still

jgarnettMake you a deal; send out the broader announcement. And list the email addresses on

jgarnettand I will try and get a 2.1.M0 going.

poliojust a heads up ... /plugins/wfs will be broken for a week or two (is this an issue for M0?)

jgarnettNope - it just won't be in the release.

jgarnettRelease guidelines tell me to contact the module maintainer (that is you) and make sure you are happy with it not being in the release (you are).

jmacgilljgernett - are you refering to OperationParameter?

jgarnettwfs is listed as an optional module (well it is not listed as all right now).

polioyah though it was something along those lines ... was also a bit of a warning as it'll show up broken on the nightly builds

jgarnettYeah I think so.

jgarnettIanS we did finally did have a run at making a DirectoryDataStore that uses shapefile as a plug-in format.

jgarnett(something you suggested last year).

IanSi saw that notice on the list, but haven't had time to check it out :(

jmacgillwhich reminds me - can I make a plea for people to create JIRA issues for things which they fix or add, even if it is after the fact

jmacgillmakes generating the release notes MUCH easier

jgarnettno worries - we still have to kick bugs out of it I am sure. Apparntly david wants to make the classes a bit easier to understand.


jmacgillOperationParameterGroup().getParameter("foo").createValue().setValue(12); ???

jgarnettLooks like I need a 2.1.x version entry for Jira...

jmacgillcreating it

jmacgillyou have a 2.1M0 version to assign things to

jmacgill2.1.x does not 'exist' as such

jgarnettI understand, but what does it mean? I need something that I can build a ui from, so I need the description of the parameter, the valid values and so on.

jgarnettIt is hard to know stepping into that api how to use it to describe the requirements for a service.

jmacgilllooks like you can get - DefaultValue, Unit, ValidValues (OMG thats a 1.5 set!) and the Class of the value

jmacgillCant see a descroption though

jgarnettWell the javadocs are 1.5 - when the classes get to us that is just a set.

jmacgillah, A paremeter is an IdentifedObject

jmacgillso, it has a name and a remark...

jgarnettI am sure it will work, but it just is *not* fun to figure out right now.

jmacgillyeah, looks deep

jgarnettWell they are all just that bad: ISO19119 Service Metadata has similar ideas, but was slightly more accessable as it was expressed in terms of Ranges, Enums and other things I understood right off the bat.

jmacgillThe loss of the Units JSR is a bit of a kicker

jgarnettThat is okay I will have a go at it. If I really can't deal, it will give me a reason to attend a geoapi meeting.


jgarnettI thought the project was still going (the patient=JSR dies but the opperation units=project was a success)

jgarnettI always admired the project (in terms of a volume of useful classes I did not have to write)

jmacgill:) yeah, we just have to refactor to jade classes at some point

poliosorry, was away again ... yes would like to re-work the classes in main for singular files and the directory datastore

jgarnettwell you are the guy for that

jgarnettwas there any advice you needed from IanS?

poliojust need to find time for it

jgarnettBTW IanS I sent an optimization & rendering email out - do you have any knoweldge of the state of Shapefile index support?

polioI think I understand what to do, just didn't want to break those formats completely off datastore when i did the first run at it

jgarnettCan we set up a new class (cut&paste) beside the ShapefileDataStore and then deprecate ShapefileDataStore.

IanSno knowledge

jgarnett(and thanks for playing safe davidz - you are behaving better then me these days).

jmacgilljody, you mean a spatial index enabled version of shapefile?

jgarnettIanS I have introduced an AbstractDataStoreFactory and changed ShapefileDataSToreFactory to extend it. I am not sure you noticed at the time.

jgarnettYes - someone started work on an R-Tree index.

jgarnettI kind of think I need a Quad-Tree index, and I would *love* to share the fileformat, code with mapserver.

IanSjgarnett, sounds fair

jgarnettMaybe take 3-5 days to port the existing mapserver c code over to java? Should be easier with the c code right there for comparison (and to make data files).

jgarnettIn anycase - things are pretty good on my end. DataStore is now a Catalog.

jmacgillThe main trick will be synching it with the dbf attribute reader so that it skips properly

jgarnettMeans we have two ways to get a FetaureSource, not sure if we want to phase out one.

jgarnettExpr/FeatureView work is stalled - no feedback from RobA and such like. I intend to pick it up against in september.

jmacgillDo you have a tutorial on the new way?

polioI gotta run guys (will leave window for logs)

jgarnett:-) I will.

jgarnettThanks david.

jmacgillJody, you ok with posting logs to the blog I set up?

jgarnettI will give it a go?


jgarnettYou know confluence has blog support though...

jgarnettwhy the extra step?


jmacgillmeans we can drop the xaraya powered site and move to point at the codehaus hosted one

jgarnettYes I got that part ...

jgarnettI thought you can do the same thing with refering to blog posts associated with a page?

jmacgillFormating was ugly - also wanted to separate news and irc...


jmacgillcan re-visit that though I suppose if the built in blog imporves


jgarnettthe page seems ill constructed - or not useful.

jgarnettThis was origionally an entry on the home page.

jmacgillwas the result of an automated API diff

jmacgillhappy to drop it as it is v.complex to create


jgarnettA link to the jira changelists + SF download would be a good replacement.

jmacgillme too

jgarnettWhat I would like is a release page, with a child page for each release.

jgarnettThat way adding a new "release" is as easy and adding a new page and cut+paste a couple of macros.

jmacgillsounds like a good idea

jgarnettI think I will do it - at least set up the jira task. Something to try for 2.1.M0

jgarnettDo you have a separate blog for news?

jgarnettIf so - annouceing the 2.0.RC1 would be a good test story.

jmacgillnot yet I think we can use the internal one for that

jmacgilllet me try and delete existing blog posts first


jgarnettI am going to gather and post these logs.

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